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A breakthrough in the care of fine lines and wrinkles, Glloi will be your greatest at-home tool in promoting healthy and hydrated skin and complexion. Gentle enough for multiple daily uses, Glloi’s enhanced massage head delivers creams and serums much more effectively than with fingers alone. Delicate areas of the eyes, nose, and mouth are expertly targeted for long-lasting hydration and provides that extra help in reducing the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Aestheticians, beauticians, and dermatologists across the globe recommend applying skincare products on delicate skin through gentle tapping motions instead of the traditional “dab and spread.” Glloi replaces manual rubbing and finger tapping with micro vibrations of more than 150 vibrations/second.

  • Eliminate unnecessary friction from rubbing by hand.
  • Micro massaging action physically stimulates facial muscles to naturally increase elasticity.


warm massage head


Glloi’s thermal warming massage head reaches a comfortable temperature of 42°C (107°F), clinically proven to open pores, soothe tense muscles, and flush out toxins. Apart from the warm, pleasant, and tingling sensation, thermal massage improves the supply of oxygen and circulation to facial regions, and enhances collagen production.

  • Open up pores and detoxify your skin without manual squeezing and irritation.
  • Enhance natural collagen production through thermal stimulation.




Glloi emits a constant flow of negatively (-) charged ions when contact is made with the skin. This process helps to infuse water-based ingredients more efficiently than by finger tapping alone, and infuse active ingredients to deeper layers of the skin where they can most flourish.

  • Helps to infuse water-based ingredients more efficiently than by finger tapping alone.
  • Infuse active ingredients where they can be most effective.



Anti-Wrinkle Care


Warming micro-vibrations help to reduce the visibility and prevent the premature formation of fine lines and wrinkles by deeply hydrating the skin. Furthermore, the enhanced Ion Massage Head superbly delivers formulated products to target and prevent wrinkles in every corner.

Moisture Restoration


Negative ion infusion technology effectively delivers water-based skincare products deeper into the dermal layers while the micro vibrations help oil-based products to further saturate the layers underneath the surface. The thermal warming head opens up pores and increases absorption by elevating the temperature of the skincare product.

Elasticity Care


Give your skin the support it needs and fight back against the effects of time and gravity with negative ion infusion technology. Restore vitality and youthfulness through negative ion-infused active ingredients, each with unique restorative properties delivered deep into the dermis.

Complexion Care


Smooth out uneven complexion, decrease puffiness, and put some life back into dull skin. Thermal massaging soothes overworked facial muscles, opens pores to flush out toxins, and increases circulation to bring out your natural glow!



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